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Dr. John Bogle, Dr. Michael Crisanti

Practice Profile

Dr. John Bogle and Dr. Michael Crisanti are Registered Specialists in Endodontics. Our mission is to maintain and restore your natural tooth.  

Prior to treatment our clinic prefers to see patients for a consultation in order to make an assessment of your tooth.  We will then explain our findings, treatment options and costs to patients.  However, if patients from your clinic are in pain and this is made known prior, treatment can be initiated from the outset.


Technology in Our Clinic

Endodontists use multiple tools to treat teeth.  We are proud to announce that we have a Cone Beam CT in our office.  This allows us to look at certain teeth 3 Dimensionally to accurately detect root canal anomolies or concerns prior to therapy.  It also allows us to effectively treat exceptionally calcified canals.  Please follow this link for more information on this incredible technology.



Dental Operating Microscopes

Endodontic therapy involves locating and treating the root canal system of a tooth.  Using a dental operating microscope and other dental tools enhances my ability to predictably locate and treat all of these canals. 

Learn why microscopes are so important